Linda Bowden's passion is connecting with your loved ones on the other side to prove their survival beyond the death of their physical bodies.



Hi Linda,

Thank you doesn’t quite seem enough to say for the overall comfort that you and your reading provides.  Please know that it truly is a remarkable experience and it was also a comfort to others around me.  Kindest regards,


Louise Michie, Pakenham



Hi Linda, just an email to say how happy the reading has made me. I feel I have a new lease on life and more of a purpose.  I feel very happy.  I wanted to share some confirmations with you.  You told me there was a celebration coming up in June for my grandma on the 16th and you could see her raising a glass. I said I didn't know what and my mum told me that my grandma's birthday is on the 16th June.  I told you I was 10 when my grandad died but you told me he was telling you that I was 8.  My mum has confirmed that I was 8 years old. So much truth and so much feeling has come from seeing you and you allowing my loved ones to come through to you.  I cannot wait to book in with you again in the future. Thank you Linda.


Carly Bullivant, Werribee



Thanks so much Linda for your reading yesterday, it was very accurate and very fulfilling, it was amazing. You connected with my fun-loving mum and it brought tears to my eyes to hear her tell you, all the things about me. I walked away feeling very happy knowing how she is feeling now and all the memories we have shared. Thank you for such a great reading, I highly recommend you to anyone. 10/10" Best wishes,


Tan Howard, Bulleen



I just wanted to say thank you. Some things you said that were going to happen have already happened and you only did my reading 4 months ago. You said I was going to work with children and you also mentioned you could see me going to Fiji or Bali, well I just come back from Fiji and while I was over there I was caring for children with disabilities and you were also right about how fast change was coming for me because about 4 days after that reading I was already in Port Douglas and got a job.


Kimberley Brown, Port Douglas
Hi Linda. I just wanted to say thank you again for everything today,... the reading you did for my mum, my fiance and future mother in-law. My mum is so happy she got to hear from dad and is just absolutely blown away with your have a true gift. I can't wait for more of my friends and family to see you. Melanie & Dan
Melanie Matthews, Mornington
Hi Linda, I have just listened to my reading again. I was VERY emotional yesterday, however, hearing it again has really lifted my spirits (and hopefully my spirits spirits :O)………) A lot of what you told me now makes sense although I couldn't think quickly enough at the time. I feel very peaceful now, all thanks to you. To know what I now know will help me so much, I have a real sense of hope and optimism for the future.


Sandi Catley, Hastings
Hi Linda  I want to thank you for my reading today, you blew me away. ... I will definitely be in touch for another reading and passing your details on to all my family and friends. Take care.
Margaret Bettin, St Albans

I met Linda today at the Frankston Psychic Fair and am grateful to her for the spiritual work she did for me. A lovely lady and extremely gifted. Linda made a true connection with some of my loved ones who had passed and provided me with so much guidance and answers to my questions. Thank you so much Linda, much love to you.


Verity Ellison, Frankston



Thank you so much for our reading today. Cannot thank you enough and look forward to meeting with you again. Amazing!!!


Ashleigh Kate Vannes, Frankston


I got so much out of my reading, will definitely like to see you again in the future, just incredible!  I will be talking about this for along time to come.


Vanessa Sawrey, Frankston



Words cannot express to you how grateful I am that we have crossed paths.   I have been wanting to have a reading with you after I heard about the readings you provided to some of my family in recent months. It has really brought some peace to our family with losing two head figures in the space of one year, which I can now see has brought a brighter change and peace to everyone.


I had tears of joy when you validated my grandfather coming through and you validated this by being very specific with things that only he and I would know and our family. There are special moments in life that you share with people be it a song, a touch or simply just a word which you cant guess or explain. It gives me great comfort to know that my loved ones are at peace, and watching over me and are proud of the vision I have in place for my future.


I cannot recommend you highly enough to anyone that would like to book a reading with you, because I know that you will touch their hearts, just as much as you have touched mine.


Your warmth, your caring nature and advice will be carried with me throughout my life.   You have a beautiful gift, thank you. x



Sarah De Luca, Victoria



Thank you for seeing me today Linda. I was gobsmacked at how accurate you were about my life.  It has given me hope for a future relationship with my son and granddaughters, and a brighter future in general.  Also it was great that you confirmed my mother is with me.


Sharon Martin, Melbourne



Had a reading today and Linda, you have blown my mind- thank you!  I am still in shock at your accuracy, but so grateful to be able to have connected with my nan- again, thank you!  My cousin and auntie were all there today at different points too and we were all blown away! I look forward to meeting with you again in the near future.

Tash Taylor, Frankston


I cannot thank you enough for your reading today Linda. You more than exceeded our expectations, your accuracy was spot on.


Nicole Murphy, Wantirna, Victoria 


The Skype reading was the most incredible gift one could be given. I was so excited before the reading and begged Mama to come and assure me she was okay.  And to cuddle me, squeeze me.  She repeated these words through Linda.  Comfort beyond this world, and comfort given in this reading.  I KNOW Mama was with you. Your accuracy is astounding!  Thank you a thousand fold over and over.


Michele Ludwig-Petersen, Sonoma, California, USA



I got a reading from you at Werribee Racecourse Psychic Expo last weekend.  You were spot on with my father & his actual passing, & also my nanna's name.  I was blown away by the experience I had with you so I rang my sister & told her too. I have also shared my experience with other friends too.  I would like to stay in contact for future readings too. Take care & all the best Linda.


Nigel Hart, Wyndham Vale



I saw you on Saturday after my wife told me that my Mum had come through for her.  I was in tears in the car with the accuracy of what she was relaying to me so we turned around and came back to you and waited for 2 and a half hours to see you - this was the first time I'd had a reading and I simply can't believe what you were telling me!  I am still in shock!  You even spoke like Mum! The only thing that didn't make sense was the single name of 'David'.  I couldn't place David in Mum's life or to do with me, but you did mention this name while you were telling me that Mum was catching up with a lot of old friends and that it would come to me later.  I rang Dad to tell him about the reading this morning, but before I said anything, he asked me if I could remember David, Mum's old boss? He died on Friday night.  I nearly crashed the truck!

I don't know how you do what you do but from the very bottom of my heart, I thank you for giving me back my Mum, even if only for 20 minutes. I've only been running on 5 cylinders for the last 7 years but now, I KNOW she's still here.  Thank you for fixing me.


Dean Hancock, ACT



Can't thank you enough for today Linda . You were "spot" on. Blown away by what you told me today. It was amazing, there were things no one knew about, you were truly amazing.


Karen Maypiece, Frankston 



Thanks for your reading today, amazing experience.  It helped me a lot. Thanks again. Looking forward to having another off you in the future.


Sarah Elizabeth, Frankston, Victoria



Thank you Linda for the amazing reading yesterday in Geelong!  You are amazing hitting on names I knew and saying things the same way mum did - I am so at peace, thank you, thank you and God Bless xo


Heather Downey,  Geelong,  Victoria 


I can't thank you enough for today.  I have longed for years to hear from my brother.  In the 5 years of him passing I have had a few people believing they can speak to him but no one has ever been as spot on as you. Only my sister knew what was placed inside his coffin with him until you walked through my door this morning.  After you leaving today, I felt calm and content and no longer did I feel pain when I thought of him and my departed sister.  You have helped me immensely today.  My appreciation is beyond words.  Already, I have given your details out to friends and family members looking for some closure like I got today. You are blessed and a true earth angel. Once again, thank you.


Leonie Harris, Heathmont, Victoria



Linda I want to say thank you for the reading I got at Geelong.  You were extremely accurate and helped me find a bit of peace and comfort knowing I was right.  Also I feel relieved that the end of the ordeal is nigh.  I can't thank you enough and will definitely see you again.


Debbie Burgess, Geelong, Victoria



You are amazing! Thank you so much for today! You are perfect in every way!! Angel and gift sent from above!  You are of great value. & even Dre the dog liked you.  I will be recommending you to others!


Kayla Rogers, Croydon, Victoria  



Thank you so much for your reading today; I will most certainly be giving your card & my absolute recommendation; you have a great ability!!


Julie Holden, Nunawading, Victoria  



Thanks so much Linda. I was truly amazed and so grateful. Your gift is truly a wonderful thing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and can't wait for the next reading!!


Mary Chase, Delahey, Victoria



Hi Linda thank you so so much for my reading today. You were so spot on with everything, hearing messages from my dad and having you validate for me what I've been thinking and feeling was wonderful.  I feel happier and more at peace tonight than I have since my dad passed.   Thankyou again xxx"


Mel Joy McDonald, Melton, Victoria



My sister and I came to see you yesterday in Moonee Ponds and I haven't stopped talking about my reading, thank you for sharing your gift with us both, I highly recommend Linda to anybody that is looking to have a reading done.


Jaimee Chilcott, Moonee Ponds, Victoria  



Hi Linda I had a reading from you today at the expo it was mind blowing, I have recommended you to everyone I have spoken to today thank you for sharing your amazing gift.


Brooke Miller-Leonard, Ballarat, Victoria  



I just wanted to say thank you for such an accurate reading yesterday.  You are a breath of fresh air, a genuine person interested in healing and guiding.   In the very 'full' world of psychics, that is a welcome gift.  Once again, thank you for being real,  you were spot on, in all areas of my life.  I will definitely be recommending you to my friends.


Sharon Mamo, Sunshine, Victoria 



Linda is a genuine Medium!  I have had three readings with her and each time the messages and evidence from loved ones was sensitive and correct.  On a couple of occasions she even gave me something that I could not relate to at the time but by the time I got home it hit me!  So I just had to call her to confirm it was correct because I had forgotten at the time.  It's amazing.  Thanks Linda!


Marian Bowes, Wonthaggi, Victoria  


I have done courses with Linda as a fellow student for a few years and after a two year break, I decided to attend her Psychic and Mediumship Weekend Workshop in April 2013 as a student.  Although she packed a lot into it, we had a lot of fun and learned a great deal.  Linda has a gift for making you feel very much at ease and any nerves quickly dissolve, leaving you eager to learn as much as you can.  Linda is a very experienced Trance Medium, Psychic and Mental Medium and I greatly respect her skills and her ability to teach others and would highly recommend her as a Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Group Leader.



Lucille Harrison, Kiama, NSW  


I attended Linda’s Psychic and Mediumship Development Weekend in April 2013. I was really nervous because it was my first ever psychic course but Linda put me at ease immediately. Linda created a trusting environment which was perfect for learning. We all had a lot of fun as we worked through the program that covered a wide variety of topics such as meditation, chakra’s, aura’s, connecting with spirit, practical exercises and much more. Linda is truly an amazing teacher. I would certainly recommend Linda to anyone interested in developing, harnessing and learning to connect with spirit or for those wishing to develop their psychic abilities.


Mary Wade, Bayswater North, Victoria