Linda Bowden's passion is connecting with your loved ones on the other side to prove their survival beyond the death of their physical bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Linda

I’ve pulled together a list of frequently asked questions which I will add to from time to time as I receive others.  If you have questions then please send them to me via the Contact page and I’ll add them in.


Q. Where is the Spirit World?

A. People commonly look up to the sky when they talk about the spirit world but in fact, the spirit world is all around us.  We don’t become a spirit when we die and are actually a spirit here and now but are attached to a physical body.  Everything is made up of energy and vibrations and when we shed our body at the point of physical death and move away from this dense and heavy vibration, our spirit soars (sound familiar?).  That’s because spirit moves at a much higher and quicker vibration. You may have heard or read about the term, beyond or behind the veil?  That’s why the spirit world is called “the other side”, as in "the other side of the veil" because that is all that separates us.  Spirit energy operates at a much faster vibration so we are not able to see it in the much denser and slower vibratory rate of the physical world.  When a medium connects with spirit, they actually raise their vibration and the spirit slows theirs down so they meet somewhere in the middle.  That’s why it is extremely difficult because both sides have to become ‘in sync’ with their energy in order for information to be exchanged and if there is any misalignment of their vibration then the energy becomes ‘out of sync’ and it can lead to inaccuracies.


Q. How do I know if my passed over loved ones are trying to communicate with me, are there signs?

A.  Everything is made up of energy so the most likely way your loved one in spirit will communicate is through energy.  What this means is lights flickering, TV’s or radio’s turning on or off, a special song coming on the radio, a photograph’s falling over and so on.  It might also be through other energetic sources such as flowers, animals, birds or insects etc.  For example, have you ever seen lots of butterflies or a particular type of bird at the exact moment you are thinking about your lost loved one?  Perhaps you keep seeing coins on the ground, playing cards or even white feathers?  All are common forms of communication used by your loved ones to let you know that they are around you at that exact moment.  When a thought of your lost loved one suddenly pops into your mind, become aware of your surroundings and what you were doing.  You will start to notice some common themes and wonder how you ever missed them before!


Q. When it’s my turn to cross over, will my loved ones be waiting for me?

A.  The short answer is yes, they will.  You may already have experienced this for yourself when a loved one has been on their death bed and tell you they can see their mother, father, spouse, sibling or child.  Might this be why a common experience of those who have been privileged to have been with a loved one at the end, saw a brief smile pass over their face just before their last breath?  The smile of pure joy to be reunited with their loved ones again.  That’s my belief and what I have experienced myself with my own family as they have passed from this world into the next.


Q. Are there different levels in the Spirit World?

A.  Yes, and how you live your physical life determines what level you will gravitate to in the spirit world.  Think of physical existence as God’s schoolroom where you experience different situations and challenges.  The decisions you make about how you live your life assists in your soul’s growth and also provides you with decision points and crossroads where you choose what action or response you will make.  Were you selfish or selfless, were you harmful or helpful, were you compassionate or cruel?  Always strive to be the best you can be as this will determine what level you will gravitate to in the spirit world.  You can’t cheat the system so always live the most compassionate, kind and loving life that you can as this will increase your rate of vibration moving you to a higher spiritual plane when it’s your turn to pass over to the other side.


Q. Are the spirits connected to us all the time?

A. Here in the physical world, your family and friends aren’t around you every second of every day but are with you when there’s a crisis or emergency, and they are there when you need them. Well, it’s just the same way with your family and friends on the other side. They often know what’s going on in your life and try to let you know they are there for you, whether it’s for love, guidance, hope, or even inspiration.  Few people realise just how much energy it takes for those who have passed over to actually lower their vibration and make a connection to this much slower and dense physical plane.  As a result, it’s not something they want to be doing all the time. I believe that they have their own learning and development to do over there and need time to grow and progress. That is why those who have recently passed over often need time to adjust before they are ready to connect with their loved ones in the physical world.


Q. Can anyone be a medium or psychic?


A.  Yes, they can but as with musicians, not everyone will be Chopin and you may have to learn to play the notes first. Some people may have a natural aptitude for connecting with spirit and energy but that doesn't mean that others may not also develop to be good mediums too. Those with a natural aptitude should also study and learn how to harness their natural gift as it's important to know where you are getting the information from or you could think you are connecting with a passed over loved one directly when you are in fact just connecting with the memory of a loved one.  Dedication, consistency and commitment are key to development so look for a reputable weekly Development Circle if you are serious about becoming a medium or psychic.


Q. Do people change when they cross over?

A. Spirits usually appear to be exactly the same as when they were here, otherwise how would their loved ones recognise them?  They usually show themselves to me in various ways – when they were in their prime and felt and looked their best but they also often show themselves as they were at the end of their lives so that I can describe what they looked like and how they felt before they passed over. They have the same personality on the other side as they did here but my experience is that where they lived a harmful life that hurt others, they are often remorseful as they now recognise the consequences of their actions on others.  Spiritual progression is open to everyone so when a person passes over they can progress if they choose to and evolve themselves to a higher spiritual level. 


Q. What if their first language is not English or they cannot speak anything other than their mother tongue?

A.  As a medium I work on a mental level and receive images and words through the power of thought, so there is no language barrier.  They often show me pictures and symbols or things from their culture.  “A picture is worth a thousand words” so when a spirit wants to get a message across — trust me when I say that they’ll do anything to make sure they do!