Linda Bowden's passion is connecting with your loved ones on the other side to prove their survival beyond the death of their physical bodies.

Photo Gallery



I finally finished my weight loss journey and ended up losing 30 kilo's (or over 60 pounds).  Here are some recent photos in August 2014 showing before and after and using the same scarves!





Here’s some outtakes from my photo session in September 2013 with my friends Patti and Barry Rottinger in their beautiful garden to get a website photo which I had to get very quickly.  Flowers anyone?  The garden was beautiful but I was starting to feel like a gnome!  Shame I couldn’t airbrush the pictures but what can I say – that’s how I look.  Oh well!





The Trance workshop held at Woodlands Sanctuary in October 2013 was wonderful.  Here are some photo's that not only show the teachers, Audrey and Garth Willey and their gorgeous dog Molly, but I've included some shots of the other students and the venue.  The scenery certainly inspires us to do our best work, that's for sure!




My new Advertising Campaign


What do you think about my new Advertising campaign that truly represents the Travelling Psychic Services that I offer?  The pink sign is one of the two car door magnets that I can put on when I am driving around and take off when it's not appropriate to leave them on such as when I am at a social event or just parking my car.  The second picture is my back car bumper stickers because I thought I may as well promote my business so those driving behind me can see my contact details too! 


You have to think outside the box to maximise your advertising dollar when you are a small business so I think that's what I have done.  My car is white so I think the signs look very effective.  What do you think?