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Welcome to psychic Linda Bowden's website

My website is a great resource to keep in touch with my clients, and other potential friends by sharing the latest information about my services, when I will be in your area, upcoming workshops and events as well as other news that you may find interesting. You can read my latest Blogs, or connect with me through my Facebook page as well as learning about psychic and mediumship topics to help you on your own spiritual journey or to move forward after losing someone you love.  Love is missed and grieved when you can no longer see, hear or feel it.


A bit about me - my passion is connecting with your loved ones on the other side to prove their survival beyond the death of their physical bodies.  I love teaching as it enables me to pass on what I know and have learned over many years to others and then they too can go on to help others.  I am very practical and down to earth in my approach and like a sense of fun as I believe laughter raises the vibration which improves the spirit connection and quality of information that comes through.


I have a great affinity for animals, as everyone who knows me can attest to, but what they may not know is that my love of animals extends beyond the end of their physical lives.  I love to reunite them with their much loved parents and guardians on this side after they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge to the other side.


My goal is to help others to connect with their furry and non-furry loved ones on the other side, to provide insight into past, present and future for those wanting direction and support in this lifetime and to teach these abilities to those who want to learn them.


I would appreciate your help to share my website and services with your friends on Facebook or by word of mouth to anyone you think may need my help.  I believe that this is my calling and I want to span both worlds regardless of distance, space and time to connect loved ones to show that death is an illusion and you will all be together again one day.


Have fun exploring my website!